Month: July 2020

If you are thinking to implement effective business plans, you have landed the right blog. No matter you are a newbie or an experienced business owner, there is always space for improvement. We have shared exclusive tips for small businesses that help to stand ahead. We also suggest you read business blogs to find out more interesting and the latest marketing tips and ideas.

  • Know your audience: If you are planning to implement a new marketing strategy, you should know whom you are targeting. The strategy should be appropriate to the audience. For example, if your product is for middle-aged group individuals, you should know how to approach them. Before implementing, ask these questions to yourself: What do they see to? How can you assist to do it better? Who are they? Buyer personalities differ in a great way in terms of interests, responsibilities, and demographics. When you know the buyer’s persona, you will get a direction and target. It also helps in segmenting the lists and personalize marketing and sales messages.
  • Focus on your content: If you are clear about your audience, it will be easy to create relevant, targeted, and most importantly valuable content. Countless sales pitches would not assist in getting trust from the network. Your goal should be to reach the audience on a personal level. Demonstrate to them that you care and understand their needs and wants. Do not always keep pushing your product. Instead concentrate on offering information, insight, and also entertainment. It is the best and effective approach. You can guide the prospects throughout their buying journey.
  • Optimize your emails: Many people do not even see promotional emails since it looks boring or with the same promotional content. If you have decided to email marketing for your business, you have to think and implement brainstorming ideas. Email marketing is challenging and complicated. You have to think about ways to enhance conversions, open rates, and audience engagement. Do not think that by just adding great content, the recipient will purchase or open your mail.

Tips to improve email marketing:

Design: The content and design of the mail should be mobile optimized. It should be relevant to the subject line. The email should be simple to read as well as visually appealing.

Subject line: It should tell the recipient what’s next. If the reader sees your mail, they should find it worth clicking.
Sender address: It is important to send emails from a business mail address. If you just send from your email id, the recipient would not trust that you are a business.

  • Improve social media content: Just like Google algorithms, social media algorithms keep changing. It is complicated to reach potential customers organically. If you are thinking to do social advertising for your business, here are some of the best ways to begin.
  1. Instagram ads
  2. Linkedin ads
  3. Twitter ads
  4. Facebook ads
  • Follow the reviews: Nowadays, reviews are very important for any business. It is important to follow, track, and reply to the reviews.

People of Ontario are allowed to grow Cannabis plant after its legalization on October 17. Every household can grow a maximum of four plants. But the scene is not the same for those living in condos. Through the state of Toronto, many condo boards such as Westport condos toronto have been banning residents from the usage of cannabis. Both growing or smoking, within their household or their individual balconies, are forbidden. Apartment and condo real estate specialist lawyer Ms Deborah Howden has conducted a Review of the situation. She said, though growing of cannabis was legalized, the condo boards are enacting this as a rule due to two primary concerns. One being its pungent odour and second the possibilities of forming mould in and around the property.

According to Ms Howden, the Cannabis Act states the legal right to cultivate cannabis plant culture. Still, condo boards and corporation new rule has been preventing owners from enjoying their own apartment condo space and balcony area with irrational interference. Howden also mentions that condo corporations have set many rules against activities that are, in reality, legal. Activities such as putting up signs to advertise on the window, applying tinted shades to apartment windows, etc., are considered legal, but it could serve against the rules set by the condo board. However, if a resident requires to plant cannabis in their condo for medical reasons, the condo corporation will have to accommodate their request on an individual case basis stated in the Human Rights Code.

Condo Corporation Against Cannabis Growing

Towards the latter part of September, an extravagant condo close to Bloor and Avenue named Exhibit Residences, adopted a new govern that prohibits growing of cannabis and also smoking them. Condo board president Mr Ron Schmidt stated that the adopting of the new rule is an act of prevention against any problems in future as no residence have complained about the odour of cannabis in and around their condo. He also stated that they are well aware that this new rule is going ahead of the legalization.

Howden also added that the condo boards took sudden action to bring the new rule to act even before the actual legalization to prevent grandfathering. Grandfathering is when a person or activity is involved in a legal proceeding, acting upon a new rule before legalization would allow the already existing new rule to continue without any hindrance by law. Thus, those residents who started their cannabis plant culture before October 17 automatically got exempted.

Grobo company, well-known for their succinct hydroponic system for indoor plant culturing was surprised about the fact that many of the condo corporation members aren’t aware that odour-proof growers are in existence. Grobo’s CEO, Mr Bjorn Dawson, said that the odour could be reduced and usage of carbon filters will remove the smell from the air. He also specified that not crossing the limit of four plants per household will not cause any issues pertaining to mould. The size of a Grobo is only that of a water cooler allowing residents to use cannabis for leisure or medical.