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Are you wondering how to give a catchy name to your tattoo business? Well, Tattoo Find has shared tips to find a name for your tattoo business. They have also shared some catchy names which you can review and use if needed.
· Inked
· Fantasy Drawings
· Needle Master
· Tribal Scrolls
· Sketch My Life
· Heart Ink
· Skin Deep Ink
· Street Art Ink
· Rebel Yell Studio
· Forever Lasting Tattoo

Tips to name your tattoo business

Brainstorm your ideas: You need to think about what words explain your business appropriately. The words should explain that you are running a tattoo business. When your words such as sketch, rebel, rock, skin, fantasy, ink or tribal, it can easily tell that it related to tattoo business. Most people do the mistake of giving the wrong name and end up less exposed. The words should express the qualities of the studio and tattoo artists.

Shorten your ideas: After shortlisting or developing a few names, you have to research your ideas. Do not use names that are hard to spell, speak aloud or remember. The name should sound great, express your brand value and be memorable. It should communicate the service or product to the target audience. After shortlisting your name, you need to cross-check by asking these questions to yourself.
· Is the name easy to remember and simple to pronounce?
· Does the name have clichés or overused words?
· Is the name unique from competitors?
· Is it possible to say the name aloud?
· Does the name express the meaning of your business?

Get some feedback: After shortlisting again, you may have three to six business names. Now, you can people functioning in the tattoo industry or potential customers for feedback. Do not take feedback from friends and family. They will mostly appreciate your ideas. Moreover, they are not your customers. It is important to ask questions such as:
· How you spell the name?
· What first strikes your mind when you hear the name?
After getting customer feedback, you can ask yourself whether it is relevant.

Check whether the name is available: It is best to do a thorough business name search on the internet to find whether the name is available in your state/country. You should also see whether it permitted for Domain name and trademark registration.

Do competitor analysis: By doing competitor name analysis, you can avoid words that are present in their business name. When two business has the same name, it causes a lot of issues. Moreover, the customers will get confused between the two businesses. When you get the business names of your competitors, you should see how it has worked for them and how it conveys their service. See who is performing well and how it is working for them. By keeping all these factors in mind, you need to choose the best name for your tattoo business.

Do not try to describe your business: Focus only to give a name to your tattoo business. Most people try to describe. When you use too many words literally, it would not work out well. You can speak about the experience and story behind it.